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Name AAS Rat Kidney/Stomach Liver Tissue IFA Kit
Price $540.00
Category Name
Test10 x 8 wells
MethodIndirect Fluorescent Antibody Method
PrincipleQualitative & Semi- Quantitative
Sample10 ul serum
Total Time~80 min
Shelf Life12-18 Months from the manufacturing date

Item #:                    250609D   Quantity:               



The Diagnostic Automation, Inc. (AAS) Rat Kidney/Stomach/ Liver Tissue Test System is designed for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of antinuclear, mitochondrial, smooth muscle and parietal cell antibodies by the indirect fluorescent antibody IFA technique. It aids in determining SLE and differentiating clinically similar connective tissue disorders, and is for In Vitro diagnostic use.

AAS Rat Kidney/Stomach/ Liver Tissue Test System combines the DAI IFA Mitochondrial Antibody Test System and the DAI IFA Smooth Muscle Antibody Test Systems into a single system, which enables one to monitor four primary autoantibodies in a single test. This Test System will simultaneously detect antinuclear, mitochondrial, smooth muscle, and parietal cell antibodies. The DAI IFA AAS Rat Kidney/Stomach/Liver Tissue Test System is designed for use in conjunction with the DAI IFA ANA, MA, and SMA specific Test Systems.