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Name Toxoplasma gondii IgG (Toxo IgG) ELISA kit
Price $410.00
Category NameInfectious Disease ELISA kits
MethodELISA: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
PrincipleELISA - Indirect; Antigen Coated Plate
Detection RangeQuantitative - Positive, Negative and Cut-off
Sample10ul serum
Total Time ~ 60min
Shelf Life14 Months from the manufacturing date

Item #:                    1101-1   Quantity:               



Toxo ELISA Test kit

Toxo ELISA Test kit Intended Use
Toxoplasma gondii (Toxo) IgG ELISA test kit is designed for the detection and quantitative determination of IgG antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in human serum for diagnosis of acute, recent, or reactive Toxo infection.

Toxo ELISA Kit Components:
• Microplate: 96 wells coated with inactivated Toxo antigen
• HPR-Enzyme Conjugate Goat anti-human IgG
• Sample Diluent type I
• Calibrator
• Positive Control
• Negative Control
• Chromogen/Substrate Solution Type I
• Wash Buffer (20X)
• Stop Solution (1N H2SO4)

Method Principle
This Diagnostic Automation/ Cortez Diagnostics Inc. Human Toxo ELISA test kit is designed to detect IgG class antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in human sera. Wells of plastic microplate strips are sensitized by passive absorption with Toxo antigen. When antigens bound to the solid phase are brought into contact with a patient serum, antigen specific antibody, if present, will bind to the antigen on the solid phase forming antigen-antibody complexes. For further details please refer to complete instructions manual supplied with the product.

Background Information
Toxoplasma gondii organism is one of the most common latent infectious agents of man throughout the world. Human infection with Toxo has various sources: ingestion of infected meat, especially mutton and pork, or ingestion of soil contaminated by oocyst. Transmission by organ transplant, transfusion or activation of quiescent infections, and congenital Toxoplasmosis has been documented. Congenital Toxoplasmosis disease also depicts itself with an extraordinarily wide range of manifestations; so wide in fact, that it must be considered in the differential diagnosis of nearly all types of obscure illness occurring during infancy. Toxoplasmosis must also be considered in the differential diagnosis in any immunosuppressed patient who has clinical or laboratory evidence of damage to the central nervous system. In acquired Toxoplasmosis, levels of IgM antibody are generally detectable very early in the infection and peak within one or two months after clinical onset. They typically remain detectable for only a few weeks 7 but can persist for as long as 2 years. The detection of IgM specific antibody can be of major importance in the diagnosis of congenital Toxoplasmosis in the neonate, because IgM class antibodies do not cross the placental barrier. It is also helpful in differentiating recently acquired (acute) toxoplasmosis from chronic infection. The sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility of ELISA is comparable to other serological tests for antibody.

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